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29th - 31st of August 2014, NH Koningshof, Veldhoven

Abunai! 2014: Class Dismissed

Abunai! 2014: Class Dismissed!
This year we'll be going back to school! So prepare for a convention filled with creative school books, crowded detention rooms, grumpy teachers, foxy cheerleaders and lots of extracurricular activities! Who says school can't be exciting? We will bring you a very different kind of higher learning. Just remember to always have fun along the way. That'll be all.... class dismissed!

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Win! A meet & greet with Zwei!

31st of July 2014

As you know, the musical guest of this year for Abunai! 2014 is the duo Zwei. They are known for singing the opening Junjou Spectra of the anime serie Robotics;Notes. In collaboration with Abunai!, AniWay is giving away a meet & greet with Zwei for you and a friend. At this meet & greet you not only get to meet Megu and Ayumu, but you also get to interview them, and take a picture together. And that’s not all! You will also get a free ticket for their concert and the interview will be published in the January issue of the AniWay magazine.

Do you want to have a shot at this meet & greet? Tell us why you would like to meet Zwei and think of 4 questions you would like to ask them. It can be about anything, however the most creative questions will have a better chance at winning. Send an email before the 18th of August to with the subject ‘Zwei prijsvraag’. Remember to add your name, e-mail and phone number. The winner will be notified personally. Do take note that in order to participate, you need to have a ticket to Abunai, and because the interview needs to be planned it isn’t sure on which day (either the Friday or Saturday) and time this will be, so keep this in mind. It won’t be during the concert of course, because they are performing at that time. Good luck to everyone who enters!

Saturday sold out!

30th of July 2014

Just like last year the time has now come to announce that Saturday tickets are officially sold out .

We are of course very happy to hear that so many people want to attend Abunai!, but unfortunately there is also a downside. If you did not acquire a Saturday ticket (whether paid or reserved) yet, it will not be possible to get one anymore, not by online registration and not at the door. Of course, you are still more than welcome to visit us on Friday or Sunday.

Saturday (and "All Weekend") Tickets nearing sold-out point!

25th of July 2014

Heads-up for everyone who did not register for a ticket yet: Ticket sales for the Saturday are nearing it's sold-out point, and with this also "All Weekend" tickets. If you did not get your ticket yet, don't wait too long!

If a day gets sold out you also won't be able to get tickets at the door for that day (including "All Weekend" tickets which of course include that day). So if you want to be ensured access to the convention, do reserve your tickets online now!

Five weeks to go: Regarding cancellations...

23rd of July 2014

This Friday it will be five weeks before Abunai! 2014 starts. In accordance with our general agreements we would like to point out that it is no longer possible to cancel tickets and underlying options (such as dinners and hotel rooms) after this point. If you wish to cancel any options on your registration, we advise you to do this before this date.
It is still possible to transfer tickets and hotel rooms to a new owner however, for which you will need to contact us through our contact form. Hotel Rooms can be switched to a new owner up to two weeks before the convention starts. For tickets this is possible up to one week before the convention. Be advised that these change requests must be known to us, as we have to process these in our administrations: all items are bound by name, and may not be used by anyone but the rightful owner.

Announcement regarding Twin Superior Rooms

16th of July 2014

After the somewhat turbulent start of this year's ticket and room sales, we had hoped for smooth sailing ahead. Unfortunately we received word of complications beyond our control recently that, given the situation, we feel obliged to inform you about. We have received word from NH Hoteles that we won't be able to use all Twin Superior rooms in NH Koningshof this year. Unfortunately we received this information well after the hotel rooms in our Ticket System have sold out. Meaning we have sold more rooms than we have available.

First of all: no sleeping accommodations will be cancelled, we've done our uttermost best to prevent this. However this situation will still result in some visitors receiving a normal Twin hotel room where they originally ordered a Twin Superior roomtype. Those whom this concerns will be contacted shortly and informed of this. The difference in payment for a Superior room will be refunded, along with some additional compensation.

Of course this news means that the chances of a second room of Hotel Room sales have become a bit smaller. If this second round will still proceed, we will post the details online as soon as they are known.

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