Abunai! presents: Superheroes Cosplay Competition @ FirstLook Festival / Cosville

This weekend the largest gaming event of the Benelux, FirstLook Festival, will be held at De Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. This year will mark the debut of FirstLook’s very own cosplay section, Cosville, hosted by our colleagues of Stichting J-POP (www.animecon.nl) and the increasingly popular weblog The Sushi Times.

Abunai! will be attending as well and will be venturing into new frontiers, following this year’s science fiction theme, as well as FirstLook’s new setting. East meets west in an exciting Superheroes cosplay competition held on Saturday. Interested in competing? Then visit Cosville at FirstLook this weekend, or sign up in advance at: http://firstlookfestival.nl/cosplay/
You can also find the rules and additional information here.

Abunai! 2015 questionnaire

It’s only been a few weeks since Abunai!, but we are already working on the 2016 edition. Therefore we would like to ask a bit of your time to fill out a questionnaire. It would be a great help to know what you liked and what you would like to see different. To reward you for your time, we offer a chance to win a whole weekend VIP ticket for Abunai! 2016. At the end of the questionnaire you can leave your email address and we will pick a winner at random. Of course this is optional and you can also choose to fill the questionnaire out anonymously.

You can fill out the questionnaire here until the 5th of October 2015.

A special thank you! and: next year’s theme!

Some of you might still have a sugar rush, but sadly Abunai! 2015: Sugar, spice and everything nice is over. We would like to thank everyone who assisted in the preparation and execution of our festival. Over 4500(?) people have visited Abunai! this year, and we’ve received a lot of positive and constructive feedback. If you still have some feedback about this year’s convention, suggestions for improvement or new ideas you’d love to see, feel free to contact us at: feedback@abunaicon.nl

Meanwhile we’re already making preparations for next year’s Abunai! which will once again be held at NH Koningshof from Friday August 26th till Sunday August 28th. In 2016 we’ll be focusing on two things that are out of this world. We hope to see you all again next year at ‘Abunai! 2016: Beyond the stars!

Response time during Abunai! 2015

Because most staff members are already at the convention site and busy with the preparations for Abunai! we will not have as much time to answer questions (both forum, facebook/twitter and email questions) from visitors, starting Thursday (27-08-2015). We’ll try, if we find the time, to answer them, but it’s possible we will not be able to respond in time. We thank you for your understanding in this, and… see you at Abunai! :)
Please take note that this means that we also won’t be able to assist in changing your registration or part thereof to a new owner. As mentioned in our terms & conditions this is only possible up to a week before the convention.
Most of us will still be cleaning up the convention site on Monday (31-08-2015) so this means we won’t be able to answer your questions normally until Tuesday.
Also a friendly reminder that both Saturday and Sunday tickets are sold out and that those tickets won’t be available at the door.
—> Due to a chance of rain during the weekend, don’t forget to bring an umbrella!

Reselling of tickets is no longer possible

We are getting a lot of requests from people trying to sell their ticket to someone else or people who’ve purchased a ticket from someone else. Please take note that tickets are bound by name, but that altering the administration, in particular of a partial purchase (i.E.: “I want to transfer only my Sunday Ticket, and keep the rest”) takes time. As we are in the final moments before the convention begins, we won’t have time to assist in this anymore and have no choice but to refer to our terms and conditions in this, in which is stated that transferring a registration (or part thereof) to a new owner is only possible up to a week before Abunai! starts. As such we can no longer accept and process these requests.

New path opened up!

For many years we hear of visitors getting lost in the corridors of Abunai! and of hallways being too crowded. One of the biggest causes of both these issues is the corridor near the entrance right behind our karaoke. Its small path and twists are far from ideal to escort people onto the rest of the convention.

However due to Abunai!’s expansion a new route has opened up. Last year’s Cloakroom has made place for a nice and wide path to the rest of the convention, opening up at the Mangakissa.

Convention route

In the map you can see the 2 paths, #1 being the old path (which can still be used!) and #2 being the new wide and open path.

If you still get lost you can always consult your map or ask our friendly gophers / staff.

Sunday tickets sold out, not many Friday tickets left..!

Today the last remaining tickets for Sunday August 30th were sold, meaning that both the Saturday and Sunday tickets are now officially sold out. These options are no longer available for purchase. It is also not possible to purchase these tickets at the door.


There are still some Friday tickets left, however there is a chance they will be sold out as well before the convention starts. If you are planning on visiting on Friday, we recommend you make a reservation in our online ticket booth beforehand, which you can pay upon check-in.

Sunday almost sold out

Heads-up for everyone who did not register for a Sunday ticket yet: Ticket sales for the Sunday are nearing it’s sold-out point. If you did not get your ticket yet, don’t wait too long!

If a day gets sold out you won’t be able to buy tickets at the door for that day either. So if you want to be ensured access to the convention, do reserve your tickets online now!

Door Price Announcement

On Friday, the 14th of August, the door prices for our tickets will be put in order. At that time, we will also close registrations for the dinner buffet, so get your cheap tickets and your dinner vouchers before then! At this time we’ll close the sales for Aniway Magazine and the Aniway Agenda’s as well, though you can always visit the Aniway stand in our Dealer Room if you’re interested in one of these.

Any tickets reserved after Friday 0:00 will cost 6 euros extra (regardless of the amount of days) and can only be paid at the check-in of Abunai. Any tickets ordered before that time can be paid as normal, keeping the usual payment term of two weeks in mind.

A limited amount of dinner vouchers will also be for sale at our check-in at Abunai! (pending availability).

Notice regarding planned “Pool Parties” at NH Koningshof swimming pool

As some of you might know NH Koningshof contains an indoor pool which is freely accessible for guests staying at the hotel. However please be advised that the hotel requests that cosplay outfits and / or wigs stay out of the pool. We understand that some of you are planning pool photo shoots, so we figured we’d give you a heads up on this beforehand, so that you are able to make alternative plans.

no cosplay in the pool