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28th - 30th of August 2015, NH Koningshof, Veldhoven

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Abunai! 2015: Class Dismissed

Abunai! 2015: Sugar, spice and everything nice!
This year's Abunai! will be more delicious than ever! In 2015 we're going to combine two themes into one: candy and all things kawaii. We will bring you more cuteness than ever before and will sweeten the deal with some delicious treats. We hope to see you at Abunai! this year so for a full experience of Sugar, Spice and everything nice!

For more information about the organisation and the convention check the About Us page, and other pages from the menu on the right.

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This year at Abunai! : Animecon's Clara Cow's Cosplay Cup 2016 Dutch preliminaries

23rd of March 2015

Abunai! 2015 is going to spice it up with a sweet new competition on Saturday!

This year we welcome Animecon’s Clara Cow’s Cosplay Cup 2016 Dutch preliminaries! The CCCC (or C4) will be added to the Cosplay Act Competition show on the Saturday of Abunai!.

This relaxed new international competition will focus for 60 percent on the act of each duo. And what is your prize? If you win the finals at Anime 2016, you get to travel to Japan and compete in a traditional Chinese cosplay showcase.

In addition to the CCCC preliminaries we also made a few changes to the Cosplay Act Competition, such as the duration of the act. Please read all the rules (when they are ready) thoroughly if you want to compete.

Signups will open soon. Be quick, and perhaps we shall see you backstage! We are currently busy reviewing the rules, when they are ready we will make another announcement. So please keep visiting our site and social media for more information.

Regarding online ticket sales...

6th of March 2015

We're receiving a lot of questions recently asking when our registration system will open again and when our ticket sales will start. Understandable, of course, since it's usually around this time of year that these wheels are set in motion again.

At this moment we're still preparing our system for 2015 and thus no final date has been set yet. Rest assured we will try to plan the opening date and time as favorable as possible. As soon as the date has become final we will announce this through a follow-up message on our website and social media.

What's in the jar?

10th of December 2014

Candy Jar

Or more exactly: How many pieces of candy are in the jar.

That was the question we asked visitors at our stand at Nishicon. A lot of people participated and we've received a wide range of guesses, but the one and only correct answer was: 1266! Congratulations to Paul van Bussel for guessing the closest to that amount (1267) and on winning a VIP Ticket for 'Abunai! 2015 - Sugar, spice and everything nice!'


Visit us at Nishicon!

14th of November 2014

This weekend Abunai! will be visiting Nishicon. Be sure to visit us to pick up the sweet new poster for 2015, or stop by if you have some ideas for next year's convention or if you simply fancy a chat of course. For those of you that are feeling competitive we've also set up a new competition at our stand. The prize? A limited edition VIP Ticket (all weekend) for Abunai!

A special thank you! And: Next year's theme!

13th of September 2014

While for a lot of people the new school year is just beginning, 'Abunai! 2014: Class dismissed!' is now over. We would like to thank everyone who assisted in the prepration and execution of our festival. Over 4500 people have visited Abunai! this year, and we've received a lot of positive and concustive feedback. If you still have some feedback about this year's convention, suggestions for improvement or new ideas you'd love to see, feel free to contact us at:

Meanwhile we're already making preparations for next year's Abunai! which will once again be held at NH Koningshof from Friday August 28th till Sunday August 30th. In 2015 we'll be focusing on two things that are traditionally very popular in this community: candy and all things cute. We hope to see you all again next year at 'Abunai! 2015: Sugar, spice and everything nice!"

What are little boys made of?
What are little boys made of?

Snips and snails
And puppy-dogs' tails,

That's what little boys are made of.

What are little girls made of?
What are little girls made of?

Sugar and spice
And everything nice,

That's what little girls are made of.

[A 19th century nursery rhyme]

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