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29th - 31st of August 2014, NH Koningshof, Veldhoven

Abunai! 2014: Class Dismissed

Abunai! 2014: Class Dismissed!
This year we'll be going back to school! So prepare for a convention filled with creative school books, crowded detention rooms, grumpy teachers, foxy cheerleaders and lots of extracurricular activities! Who says school can't be exciting? We will bring you a very different kind of higher learning. Just remember to always have fun along the way. That'll be all.... class dismissed!

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Online Ticket Booth reopening: April 9th

3rd of April 2014

Following the system problems of the previous days we're finally ready to reopen our ticket sales again. All affected users have been notified by e-mail with the details of their registration and the issue that caused the problems has been resolved.
That being said, we will reopen the online ticket sales on Wednesday April 9th at 20:00 (8 o'clock in the evening).

yet another update on ticket sales

30th of March 2014

An as update to the previous announcements: we are currently busy with the final remaining registrations and after that we will give you an update on when the ticket registration will reopen.

At the same time we want to clear up two issues that we're getting a lot of questions about. First of all, Abunai! is not sold out, there are still plenty of tickets available for all three days. And secondly: because of the issues at hand we haven't been able to verify and process all payment and registrations yet. That's why we've decided to extend the deadline for this: normally you have to pay for your registration in two weeks after ordering it, or it will be cancelled. We've increased this period to one month, but only for the people who've already been able to book a reservation.

Abunai! at Imagicon

28th of March 2014

This weekend the first edition of Imagicon will be held in 'De Reehorst' in Ede. Imagicon is a new convention for fans of Science Fiction, Comics, Horror and Fantasy hosted by a group of enthusiastic individuals.

Abunai! will be present as well with a stand in the dealer room. We won't be selling tickets there, but you can stop by for a free poster or if you want to learn more about Abunai!. We'll be holding a contest at our stand as well, with a chance to win a VIP Ticket to our convention, so be sure to visit our stand if you like!

Dealer Room submissions closed

27th of March 2014

We are currently no longer accepting submissions for the dealer room. Current submissions will be processed as soon as possible. Please note that we cannot validate all requests because of limited space. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

The Dealer Room Team

another update on ticket sales

24th of March 2014

Unfortunately the ticket registration system isn't ready to open yet. Although the original problem has been resolved and we now have a good overview of the people affected, we still need to restore the overbooked registrations. This is a delicate process, as we want to make sure everyone's registration is as it was while disappointing as little people as possible. The people whose registration this concerns will be contacted in the upcoming days.

Only after this ongoing issue has been resolved will we announce when the online sales will open again, but expect an update on this later this week. As requested by many this will be in the evening hours and at a predetermined date and time. So keep an eye close to our website and/or Facebook.

We really apologize for the inconvenience! But hey, we are humans after all ;)

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